Paraffin Gauze Dressing

Paraffin Gauze Dressing, as known as tulle gras dressing.


Paraffin Gauze Dressing consists of fabric of leno weave with two picks in each shed in which the warp and weft threads are of cotton or viscose, or of combined cotton and viscose yarn, which has been impregnated with White Soft Paraffin or with Yellow Soft Paraffin.

Fiber identification After removal of the paraffin, com-plies with the tests for cotton and, if appropriate, for bright viscose or for matt viscose.

Paraffin gauze is one of the simplest dressings for a burn. Paraffin gauze is covered in a soft tacky substance a bit like petroleum jelly (brand name Vaseline).

Many doctors and nurses use paraffin gauze. They cover the dressing with cotton wool and a stretchy bandage. Although it's a common treatment, there is very little research comparing paraffin gauze with other types of dressings.

Scientists found one small study (a randomized controlled trial) that compared paraffin gauze dressings with clear film dressings. Researchers didn't find much difference between the treatments in how long the burns took to heal and how much pain the burns caused. Burns covered with paraffin gauze healed in seven days on average.

The dressings are supplied in single pieces, suitably wrapped, or up to ten pieces may be supplied in a suitable container; it is also available as a continuous strip.


You need to be careful when you use dressings that contain paraffin, as these can catch fire easily. Don’t smoke or use a naked flame when using this type of dressings. And change your clothes and bedding regularly as the paraffin can seep into these fabrics.

For use in tropical countries, a suitable mixture of soft paraffin and Hard Paraffin may be used. The dressing is sterilized by a suitable procedure.

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