Waterproof Surgical PE Transparent Tape

Waterproof Surgical PE Transparent Tape is also called PE First Aid Tape or PE Surgical Tape. It is a type of tape made of PE and hypoallergenic medical glue. Great breathing with reliable stickiness, low sensitization, excellent compliance, no residue adhesive.

Transparent, perforated Tape. For Strong Fixation of Dressing Pads and Medical Devices. Skin Friendly Adhesive and Bi-directional Easy To Tear.

Transparent for easy monitoring.

Waterproof barrier for protection from external moisture, fluids and contaminants.

Flexible for hard to tape areas without natural rubber latex and hypoallergenic for sensitive patients.

Air can come in and out freely to keep skin's normal breath.

Clear plastic, hypoallergenic tape.

No irritation to skin.



The tape can be bound firmly and no injury to skin or when removing.

Easy-to-tear products, making usage very convenient and comfortable;

Hypoallergenic coating with medical hot-melt glue

Not made with natural rubber latex.         

Product Size:

Width: 1.25CM, 2.5CM, 5CM, 7.5CM,10CM

Length: 5M, 10M  

Condition dressing and device securement department    

Cardiovascular, critical care, emergency, I.V. therapy, intensive care unit, labor & delivery, medical-surgical, oncology, operating room-surgery, orthopedics, pediatrics, radiology, urgent care, wound care.   

Use Direction

 1) Clean, disinfect and try the skin thoroughly.

 2) Begin tying from the center to outwards with the tape no strain and at least 2.5cm of tape border is bound on skin to assure film binding.

 3) Press the tape lightly after fixing to make the tape binding on skin firmly.  www.china-medicaldressing.com