Brief Introduction of Nonwoven Wound Dressing

The medical aseptic dressing is composed of soft spunlace or PU composite non-woven fabric coated with specific medical adhesive and pure cotton absorbent pad; the dressing has good air tightness, good moisture permeability, breathable and waterproof, and good liquid absorption effect. Does not stick to the wound.


Substrates include: spunlace non-woven fabrics, WPU composite non-woven fabrics and high-permeability PU membranes, pressure-sensitive adhesives, absorbent pads, etc., which can be selected according to clinical needs.

It has good air permeability and can block bacteria at the same time, which can protect the wound from bacteria intrusion.

Good adhesion and proper peeling degree. It will not cause any pain when removed, it will last for a long time and will not fall off in water.

Advanced coating technology, good moisture permeability, will not cause skin allergies.

The ability of absorbent pads to absorb liquids is higher than that of ordinary pads. The diversion surface prevents the cushion from sticking to the wound, and it is easier to tear off when changing the dressing, and it will not cause secondary damage to the wound.

The wound will not stick to the dressing, and it can prevent leakage and can take a shower to improve the quality of life.

Humanized design, complete specifications and diverse styles provide more choices for clinical use. There are rectangular and U-shaped styles. For special shapes, please contact our sales for detailed information.

Ethylene oxide sterilization, 2 years aseptic validity period.


Indications: Used for wrapping, binding and fixing various wounds (such as aseptic care of wounds such as postoperative wounds, acute and chronic wounds, small wounds and abrasions).


Specific usage method:

Clean and disinfect the wounds of the body, choose the appropriate size dressing patch, tear off the outer packaging and protective paper, put the absorbent pad on the wound site, and stick the tape around the skin.