Can the fever be reduced by rubbing with alcohol

alcohol wipe pad exporter we are professional.physical cooling is a commonly used method, especially when the fever is low, or when elderly patients and children with weak constitutions are not suitable for medication, physical cooling is often used to reduce fever. As a classic topical medicine, alcohol is often used. For physical cooling, remember that when using alcohol to reduce fever, it must be applied externally, not internally. The alcohol wipe pad supplier is that we can use a cotton ball or cotton pad to dip alcohol, and gently wipe the patient's face, neck trunk, and limbs For exposed skin, alcohol can quickly volatilize and take away a lot of heat, which will cause the patient's body temperature to drop quickly, but this method also has a disadvantage. It can easily cause chills in patients, making people think that symptoms have worsened. At the same time of cooling, it should be appropriately selected according to the patient's condition, and pay attention to replenishing water, and pay attention to proper warmth to prevent chills and other situations. The concentration of alcohol is also different. Generally, 75% of alcohol is often used topically, and the concentration should not be too high It should not be too low. This often has a better effect, and we remember that if you use If the antipyretic effect of alcohol is not good, we must consider whether there are other reasons, such as a serious illness or we drink too little water, and the body is in a dehydrated state. In this case, we need to perform other treatments.