Casting Tape

Casting tape is also called Orthopedic Casting Tape.

It is made of woven glass fiber fabric or polyester fabric and water-activated polyurethane resin. It uses environmentally friendly materials and is mainly used for external fixation of fractures and general orthopedics.

Compared with plaster bandages, this product has many advantages. It is an upgrade and replacement product of traditional plaster bandages. Higher strength and is easier to cut. Polyester casting belt can burn completely, so it is more environmentally friendly.

How to use:

    Put on gloves and choose the appropriate specifications. Use cast pads or triangular pads on fixed parts. Open a bag, take out the mold, immerse it in room temperature water within 4-6 seconds, then press 2-3 times to take it out and squeeze out the excess water. Spiral winding of castings as required and maintain proper tension. Wrap 2-4 layers in non-load-bearing positions and 4-6 layers in load-bearing positions. Shape the wrapped plaster as needed. The solidification time is 3-5 minutes, and the casting reaches sufficient strength after 20 minutes. Cut with an electric casting saw and take it out.


   Here are some notes: 

  1. The operator should wear gloves to prevent polyurethane from contacting and sticking to the skin.

  2. Open one bag at a time and use plaster immediately. Do not open multiple bags at the same time to avoid weakening the strength.

  3. The casting needs to be cut and removed by an electric casting saw.

  4. Take care to avoid bag breakage during transportation and storage, because contact with moisture in the air will cause the casting to solidify.