Characteristics of Suzhou Sinomed Ostomy Bag

Colostomy patients psychological is very complex, it is affected by the patient's personality, disease, culture background, social and family background, and their knowledge of the stoma. And also will be changed when the course of disease changed. To prevent the smelling of excrement out and protect patients' privacy is very important. Also, the colostomy bag should be easily used and comfortable because the patients will use them for a very long time.

Privacy protection

The bag is made of highly resistant CO-EX film which have milk flavor can prevent the smelling out.

Wear comfortable

Nylon film of the inner face which is soft, absorbent,comfortable and low sensitization. It can reduce noise. We also have a special products of better compliance, its skin barrier is hydrocolloid dressing combine with PE foam.

Easy Handle

Among the ostomy patients, old people occupied 80%,it can highly improve ostomy patient's quality life with simple sticking way and cleaning way.

Easy sticking way

Use transparent bag design,it can more easily obverse the ostomy position ,and stick the ostomy bag more simple.

Simple cleaning way 

On the down side designs an opening mouth,adorn with an easy handle plastic clip which make the clean more easy.

Use Suzhou Sinomed Ostomy Bag for stoma clean,nursing and collection of discharge.