How to dress up the wound with gauze pad

Gauze pad, or gauze swab,gauze spongeis widely used to dress up the wound on skin.

When using, first wash the skin of the affected area first, then apply the medicine to the sterilized gauze pad or the skin, apply the sterilized gauze pad to the wound, and fix it with medical tape. Such as PE tape, silk tape and non woven tape.

After the wound has been cleaned, it must be bandaged. The dressing has the purpose of protecting the wound, pressing and stopping bleeding, reducing infection, relieving pain, fixing the dressing and splinting. When dressing, be quick, accurate, light, and secure. Fast, that is, quick and quick action; that is, the part is accurate and strict; light, that is, the action is gentle, do not hit the wound; fast, that is, the dressing is firm, not too tight, so as not to affect the blood circulation, and not too loose, so as to prevent the gauze from falling off.

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