How to Use A Kinesiology Tape

kinesiology tape is also called as Athletic Tape, kinesio tape. How does it work? Use kinesiology tape to promote circulation, take away pain-causing chemicals, and relieve pain.

Kinesiology tape can help to absorb mechanical force to protect the body; Support posture and promote balance; Help rebuild traumatized tissues; Stabilize muscle and fat, maintain body temperature.

Structure of kinesiology tape: A combination of soft, breathable and elastic cotton cloth (without latex and medicinal properties) and rib-like low-sensitivity glue.

When taping, you should consider: muscle size, movement function, limb mobility, treatment location, treatment goal, patch function, and taping sequence.

Thorough cleaning and disinfection of the sticking part. The cutting method of the patch should be neat. Avoid contact with moisture and other substances on the adhesive surface of the patch. Try to complete the taping action 1-2 times. Don't pull the patch excessively, beginners can use the natural pull of the patch more. If you have itchy or rash during use, please stop using. The tape should be torn off slowly in the direction of hair growth. The scissors should be wiped with alcohol before and after use to remove residual glue.

By the way, do not use on wounds.