How To Use Vaseline Gauze


Generally speaking, after cleaning the wound, there will be residual tissue fluid, and some even ooze blood. However, in order to stop the bleeding, we directly wrap it with gauze. This operation will cause the gauze to stick to the liquid, even if the dressing is changed, it will cause secondary damage to the secondary, thereby reducing the speed of wound healing.

However, Vaseline gauze will not cause this series of phenomena. Because the method of making Vaseline gauze is to soak the Vaseline cream evenly on the gauze, so that each piece of medical gauze is completely immersed in the Vaseline. Therefore, when wet, there will be no secondary adhesion between the gauze and the liquid, and it will not damage the wound. It can also promote the growth of granulation and promote wound healing. So which scenes are Vaseline gauze suitable for? What are the precautions when using? Vaseline gauze is mainly used for wound dressing, wound drainage, postoperative dressing, and sinus filling.

Vaseline gauze requires attention during use and storage. For example: Before use, the wound and local skin should be cleaned and dried, and some drugs used to treat the wound and affected area should be used. During use, Vaseline gauze can be attached to the wound or affected area. Vaseline gauze is a disposable consumable and cannot be used twice. Vaseline gauze after use should be stored in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment, and away from