Laparotomy sponge

Laparotomy sponge,also called an abdominal pad, abdominal swab, surgical lap sponge.
Laparotomy sponge is absorbent pads used in abdominal surgery. They have a variety of applications and are often included in surgical kits prepared for the operating room. They are in several sizes in potentially sterilized or unsterilized packaging, allowing operating room surgeons to choose the most appropriate option for different situations.
The absorbent cotton is usually washed to ensure it can absorb liquid. Usually, a laparotomy sponge is as a tool to absorb fluid around the surgical area. This can make it easier for the surgeon to see. Combined with suction, the sponge keeps the venue as dry as possible, allowing them to clearly see the area of interest so they can perform the process. Laparotomy sponges can also be used when pressure is needed because they help spread the pressure and stop bleeding.


They can also be moistened and used to help retain moisture on a given area of the surgical site. Sterile water or saline is used for this purpose to avoid introducing pathogens into the patient. A lap sponge can also be used for manual retraction to provide a certain amount of tension on the tissue, so it is easy to grasp without being damaged by dry cotton.

Some abdominal pad with blue loop and X-ray thread. Before closing the surgical site, patients can be X-rayed to check for sponges to ensure that all scattered people are caught and resolved. These functions are also useful when the patient has symptoms that indicate sponge retention, such as severe abdominal pain and tenderness. X-rays can quickly determine if a surgical lap sponge is present or if there are other causes of the