Measures of Chinese Customs to Restrict Anti-epidemic Articles Export

aviruses at home and abroad, in order to regulate the export link, the China Customs has regulated the export of anti-epidemic articles as follows:
Recipient and consignor registration code (charitable organization can be temporary code), need to apply for paperless customs legal person card

Export qualification
The export of masks has no special qualification requirements for production and sales units and domestic shippers, except for meeting domestic production and market circulation qualification requirements.

Export declaration requirements
1. Commodity classification: Except in special circumstances, most of the masks should be included in the tax number 63079000.
2. Inspection and quarantine: Masks are illegally inspected products, and inspection and quarantine items do not need to be filled in when applying. According to the intergovernmental inspection agreement signed between the Chinese government and relevant countries, products exported to a few countries such as Iran are subject to pre-shipment inspection according to regulations.
3. Tariff exemption: if the export materials are of a trade nature, the general taxation of the exemption nature declaration, the taxation of the exemption method shall be declared; if it is of the donation nature, the domestic shipper is a trade agent, charity, etc. Fill in the form of free exemption declaration.
4. Prohibition limit management: At present, the Ministry of Commerce has not set trade control requirements for masks, and China Customs has no port inspection requirements for regulatory documents for protective materials.
5. Declaration specification: fill in the product name and content according to the specification declaration requirements; if the material is not produced in China, the country of origin shall be filled in according to the actual country of