New Products Sterilization Bags

Suzhou Sinomed can supply variety of Sterilization bags. It includes heat seal flat pouch, self sealing sterilization pouch, sterilization flat reel, Sterilization gusseted roll and Sterilization paper bag. Good bacteria resistance, excellent strength, durability and tear-resistance. 

Sterilization Bag is suitable for class I medical consumables, such as gauze, masks, PE gloves, disposable glove dressing stickers, dressings, surgical films. Infusion stickers, etc .; can also be used to disinfect equipment in hospitals. Suitable for sterilization of gamma rays, high pressure steam, ethylene oxide.

Sterile and easy to tear, non-stick paper, no paper dust to achieve better results. Three explosion-proof edges are used to prevent cracking. Provide color change instructions with clear and clear status. Through the transparent film, the contents can be clearly seen to prevent errors. High-grade medical paper to ensure high anti-bacteria. Strengthen the membrane to prevent tearing when opening the bag. Non-toxic water-based inks that are clear and stable and will not open.

Suzhou Sinomed supply good quality Sterilization Bags for hospital, Dental clinic and laboratory equipment sterilization, medical device factory, nail & beauty salon supply, piercing tattoo supply etc.