Open wove Bandage

   White Open-wove Bandage is also called W.O.W bandage.

   The White Open Wove cotton bandage is ideal for securing wound dressings in place. The bandage does not contain elastic and will not constrict wounds.


   Open-wove Bandage consists of a fabric of plain weave. Bandage rolls are made of pure 100% cotton yarn, through high temperature and pressure degreased and bleached, ready-cut, superior absorbency. The bandage rolls are the necessary products for the hospital. White paper per roll, blue Kraft per dozen (12) Edition binding bandage, single packing, blue Kraft per dozen (12rolls).      

The edges are cut evenly, parallel to the warp threads.

   We provide 7,9,11,13,17,20 threads/cm2. Mesh of 40s/20x12,19x15,24x20,26x18,30x20 etc. Item size:2.5/5/7.5/10/15/20cmx4,5,10m etc. Expiry Date: 5years for non-sterile.

   About the material: Cotton wool is raw cotton which has been combed to remove impurities and then bleached. The texture of cotton wool is generally very silky and soft due to the special many times carding processing. The cotton wool is bleached with high temperature and high pressure by pure oxygen. It is suitable for cleaning and swabbing wounds, for applying cosmetics. Economical and convenient for Clinic, Dental, Nursing Homes and