Prevent Coronavirus in Office

1.Safe distance for conversation
The virus will spread through droplets, and it will contact many people at work. On the one hand, it is necessary to wear masks throughout the day. On the other hand, it is best not to talk close to one another, even if you bring a mask, and don't gather to discuss. If the masks become wet, dirty or deformed, they should be replaced in time. It is best to prepare 2 masks a day.

2. Notes for meetings
It is best to change the meeting to an online meeting with the lowest risk. Even if you really want to have a meeting in the meeting, you must wear a mask. Everyone should also be dispersed and maintain indoor air circulation.


3.Taking the elevator
Many people will press the elevator button every day. The virus may be transmitted by the new crown virus. The new crown virus can be transmitted through contact. It is best not to press the elevator floor button directly with your hands. It is best to use paper towels, cotton swabs, toothpicks, disinfection wipes, etc. In the same way, door handles and handrails in public places do the same. After touching, you should avoid touching your ears, nose, and nose, and wash your hands as soon as possible.

4, Office supplies sterilization
Office supplies are repeatedly used by many people, which may spread the virus, especially staplers, folders, printers, etc. that are exposed to high frequency and high visitor risk. Therefore, these items should be disinfected frequently.

5, Hand washing
First of all, you must wash your hands with hand sanitizer or soap, and wash them with seven steps. Secondly, when you turn off the faucet, remember that you ca n’t directly use your hands. You can touch the switch with a paper towel.

This new type of coronavirus has a long infection period, a long incubation period, and is not easy to find after infection. It is very easy to be infected while sitting and eating together. It is better to sit at one table for one