Suzhou Sinomed Elastic Bandage

Usually elastic bandages are applied to treat muscle sprains and strains, limiting swelling in the injured area by applying stable pressure to reduce blood flow in specific areas. Elastic bandages are also used to treat splint fractures (usually plaster) and then secure the splint with an elastic bandage to protect the splint. This is a common fracture treatment method, because the fracture will expand, resulting in abnormal casting function.


Since the user may be allergic to latex, the original composition of the elastic bandage has changed. However, some bandages are still made of latex, and many woven and knitted elastic bandages do not use natural rubber or latex.

Modern elastic bandages are made of cotton, polyester and latex free elastic yarn. By changing the proportion of cotton, polyester and elastic yarn in bandage, Suzhou Sinomed can provide different degrees of compressibility and durability. Under normal circumstances, once the bandage is wrapped around the wound, aluminum or stretchable clips are used to hold the bandage. Some elastic bandages  use Velcro to hold and stabilize the package.