Suzhou Sinomed Film dressing with frame style

Suzhou Sinomed transparent film dressing uses high-permeability polyurethane (PU) film, combined with high-permeability medical grade acrylic adhesive and special coating technology, which can keep the skin breathing normally.

Suzhou Sinomed Film dressing with frame style consists of the following parts: The surface is CCK paper, and the paper is more than 100 gram in every square meter. The second layer is a PU film with a thickness more than 0.015mm. The third layer is pressure-sensitive adhesive, and the adhesive is more than 25gm in every square meter. The fourth layer is release paper. The cellophane paper is more than 80gm in every square meter.

This product has good performance and good viscosity. Each finished dressing is neatly cut and glued evenly. All finished dressings are clean and tidy, free of dirt, burrs and other contamination.

Common sizes are 4.4cmX4.4cm,6cmX7cm,7cmX8.5cm,10cmX12cm.

Suzhou Sinomed transparent film dressing frame style need to be sterilized by EO. The product is stored under the specified storage conditions, and the validity period is 2 years from the date of sterilization.