Transparent Film IV Cannula Wound Dressng

Transparent film dressings designed for protecting skin and wound sites. Frame style allows customization of shape and size to fit any site. Unique sacral shape is designed for challenging and difficult-to-dress areas.

There are many benefits to use transparent film dressings.

The hydrophilic nature Film adhesive on the sacral shaped dressing makes it more adherent in moist conditions.

 Film, with the "frame" delivery system, allows maximum versatility as it can be cut to any shape and size.

 Dressings conform to the body and flex with skin for greater patient comfort.

Transparent dressings allow easy monitoring of wounds without the need to remove the dressing.

Transparent film dressings are used for many applications. Clean, closed surgical incisions. Abrasions, skin tears, blisters. Skin graft donor sites. Superficial partial thickness burns. Stage I or II pressure ulcers. Autolytic debridement facilitated by the moist wound healing environment. Protective eye coverings. Post tattoo application and removal.