Use Alcohol Swab to Avoid Coronavirus

The new route of transmission of coronavirus is: "Spreading through respiratory droplets is the main route of transmission and can also be spread through contact."
1. Contact transmission refers to the direct or indirect transmission of pathogens through vectors.
2. Direct contact transmission refers to an appropriate invasion portal where pathogens are transmitted directly from the source of infection to susceptible populations.
3. Indirect contact transmission refers to transmission caused by indirect contact with contaminated items (such as door handles, stair handrails, desktops, mobile phones, toys, laptops and public places).
4. That is to say, in addition to wearing a mask, washing your face, and washing your hands, if you do not disinfect your phone, your hands touching the phone may touch your mouth, nose, and eyes, and you may be infected with the new coronavirus.

Three things to keep your phone away from viruses
1. Alcohol disinfection.
Disinfection After using the phone or after suspicious contact, it is recommended to disinfect the phone once. You can use a professional mobile phone disinfectant, or you can use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to disinfect it. When disinfecting the mobile phone, you should first use a detergent to remove the grease on the surface of the phone; dipped a cotton ball in medical alcohol (75% concentration), squeeze out the excess alcohol, and keep the cotton ball moist without dripping alcohol. To prevent alcohol from flowing into the phone and causing the phone to malfunction; you can also use alcohol to disinfect the cotton pad, and then wipe and disinfect directly; use it to gently wipe the surface of the phone twice, except the front and back of the phone, do not ignore the handset, microphone, Headphone jack, charging terminal and side seams for mobile phone.
2, Go out and play less mobile phones.
Currently, try to avoid going out. When you have to go out, please take out your phone to play, because it will inevitably touch public parts, such as handrails, elevator buttons, curtains, shopping carts, etc. If you use your phone outdoors, wash your hands and remember to clean your phone when you go home.
3. Wash your hands after use.
The cleaning and disinfection of the mobile phone must be performed by hand to prevent cross-transmission of bacteria. After using your phone, be sure to wash your hands, avoid eating while playing with your phone, and avoid touching the skin of your face with the hand that you just took the phone to avoid breeding bacteria.

Alcohol has the effect of dehydrating and denaturing proteins. 75% alcohol can dehydrate and denature the glycoproteins of the shell, thereby inactivating the virus, which makes it difficult for the virus to enter normal human cells.
Because the concentration is suitable for the internal environment of the virus, when the shell slowly degrades, alcohol can enter the virus, degrade genetic material, and affect its activity. And 95% alcohol, because the concentration is too high, will quickly denature the protein shell. Alcohol will not easily enter the virus, but provides a living space for the genetic material of the virus to maintain its