What does gauze swabs do

First aid wound care supplier tells you the use of gauze swabs
1. For application or for wiping on a certain area.

2. Usually used as a medical examination tool for collecting microorganisms, exfoliated cells or secretions.

Throat swab

The green gauze swabs manufacturer tells you that normal people's pharyngeal isthmus should have normal oral flora and no pathogenic bacteria. The bacteria in the pharynx come from the outside world and do not cause disease under normal circumstances. However, the disease may be caused by infection or other factors caused by the decline of general or local resistance of the body and other external factors. Therefore, pharyngeal swab bacterial culture can isolate pathogenic bacteria, which is helpful for the diagnosis of diphtheria, purulent tonsillitis, and acute laryngitis.

Pathogens detected in throat swab secretions are considered respiratory infections. Can be combined with other tests (X-ray fluoroscopy, B-ultrasound, etc.) to diagnose respiratory infections. If yeast-like bacteria are cultivated, consider whether antibiotics are used inappropriately or excessively during the infection, and antibiotics should be stopped immediately and switched to antifungal drugs, such as amphotericin B, griseofulvin, clotrimazole, etc.

Extended information:

Pharyngeal swab principle

As the breath and food pass through the mouth, there are a variety of bacterial parasites in the mouth. Such as catarrhalis, various staphylococci, various streptococci, diphtheria-like bacteria, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and E. coli. There are also anaerobic bacteria, such as digestive cocci, bacteroides and yeast-like bacteria.

The flu is transmitted through the respiratory tract, and the pharynx is where the virus gathers. A throat swab specimen is a medical cotton swab. Dip a small amount of secretion from the human's throat. The sample taken is a throat swab specimen. In order to test the type of respiratory disease virus, it is often convenient, fast and accurate to detect this Virus type.

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