What kind of waste is a wound dressing

Disposable wound dressings manufacturer medical waste classification includes radioactive waste, non-infectious waste and infectious waste, of which radioactive waste and infectious waste are specially managed waste. Place where radioactive waste is generated: The isotope chamber contains tracers and syringes for radioactive elements, films, fixers, and developers used in radiology departments should be disposed of in strict accordance with national regulations for radioactivity. Infectious waste is mainly contaminated with patients' blood, body fluids, pathological organs removed during surgery, and so on.

In recent years, the development and application of disposable medical supplies and appliances have increased the amount of medical waste and the difficulty of management. Disposable wound dressings factory The packaging materials of disposable medical supplies and medicines, such as plastic bags and packaging cartons, are not infectious waste. In the black garbage container, treat it as domestic garbage. It is required that disposable syringes, infusion set needles and disposable blood collection needles must be placed in sharps boxes after use, and the nipples of the syringes and the infusion set's pipes must be destroyed and harmlessly disposed in place and discarded. Blood-stained disposable syringes and needles are put directly into the sharps box to avoid occupational exposure injuries to medical personnel. Disposable wound dressings supplier reputation first.www.china-medicaldressing.com