Wound dressing medical bandage the history of development

Wound dressing medical bandage the history of development.The first phase of wound dressing medical bandage began in the mid-1980s, when the industry supply was relatively monotonous, mainly raw material gauze.

The second stage of wound dressing medical age was in the 1990s, when enterprises began to purchase a large number of raw materials for deep processing, and then shipped the products to Europe, North America and other regions for packaging.

Wound dressing medical bandage that third phase began in the early 21st century, the industrial development to the deep processing and packaging production, at this stage, industry enjoy the dividend of China's market and demographic dividend, many enterprises began to transformation and upgrading, from development as primary material to product, equipment and building integration design, the product more delicate, almost the cost control in the "perfection", the industry development to the climax, achieved steady, ogilvy & mather, such as vibration, a batch of leading enterprises."

The fourth stage is the current stage, the original population, market dividend is getting smaller and smaller, and the industry development is facing pressure in order, raw material price, enterprise capital, human cost, environmental responsibility, risk control and other six aspects.The industry is gradually developing from the traditional medical dressings with low added value to the new medical dressings with high value.