Cooling Gel Patch

Cooling gel patch for adults & kids from Japan technology cooling gel patch/ cooling patch exporting to Japan. Cooling gel sheets /cooling gel patch for cooling relief from fever discomfort/soft gel sheets.


Specification of this High Quality Cooling gel patch Cheap Price Manufacturers  

  The patch absorbs the energy from the applied fever area,transfer the energy to water molescules ,and relieves fever via evaporation. Applied for Children, adult and infant.

1.Cut and open the pouch,remove one patch;

2.Peel off the protective film;

3.Attach patch on the skin;

4.Cut patch to suitable size and shape if need;

5.Store in cool dry place.No refrigeration is needed.

Parameters of this Cooling gel patch 


Blue,pink,green,orange color.

1pc in one bag, 3pcs in one box, 240boxes in one carton; or customized package.

Superiority of this Hot sale Cooling gel patch   

WORKS FAST AND LONGER ------ Cooling works immediately and provides instant soothing. Relief for up to 8~10 Hours.

SAFE AND CONVENIENT ------ Cooling contains no fragrant ingredient. No side effect. No refrigeration is needed.

SKIN FRIENDLY ------ Stick tightly and remove painlessly. Absolutely causes no itching and irritation.

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