Hospital white stockinette bandag

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  • Stockinette bandage

    Stockinette bandage

    Suzhou Sinomed is a professional manufacturer and supplier of best hospital white soft and comfortable stockinette bandage wholesale. Bandage stockinette provides lasting, effective support with complete freedom of movement for the patient. Once the bandage has been applied, covered elastic threads within the fabric move to adjust to the contours of the body and distribute pressure evenly over the surface.
  • Chili plaster

    Chili plaster

    Suzhou Sinomed is a professional manufacturer of cheap price medical chili plaster manufacturers and exporter. Hot selling products medical pain-relieving chili patches for back pain belladonna plaster is a kind of topical Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. It is used for rheumatism, neuralgia, back pain, sciatica, joint pain, muscle pain, and has the effect of losing weight.
  • First aid kit SN003

    First aid kit SN003

    Suzhou Sinomed is a professional manufacturer and Wholesale of high-quality new medical earthquake first aid kit bags supplier. The first-aid kit is a small bag containing first-aid medicines and sterile gauze, bandages, etc., and emergency items used in emergency situations. According to different environments and different use objects, it can be divided into different categories. According to different use objects, it can be divided into household first aid kit, outdoor first aid kit, vehicle first aid kit, gift first aid kit, earthquake first aid kit and so on.
  • hot sale shank strap manufacturers & supplier


    SUZHOU SINOMED is a professional manufacturer of shank strap sports wound support dressing manufacturers and supplier, hot Sale shank strap natural fibers with high tenacity, good moisture absorption, and sweat releasing properties. High tenacity fibers with scalable and high elasticity weaving technology ensure shanks evenly and tightly wrapped by the brace.
  • First aid kit SN001

    First aid kit SN001

    Suzhou Sinomed is a professional manufacturer and Wholesale of high-quality new outdoor work first aid kit bag supplier. The outdoor first aid kit(New product outdoor work golf travels promotional portable outdoor first aid kit bag) is designed for outdoor workers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is suitable for personal protection in field exploration and outdoor adventure.
  • Best High Quality Knee Sleeve Manufacturers


    SUZHOU SINOMED is a professional manufacturer of best high-quality knee support sports wound support dressing manufacturers and factory, hot Sale. Sleeve style based on human curvature design. Easy to use. Soft, breathable and comfortable material with high elasticity. Good breathability and warm-keeping properties. The flexible plastic supports to support the knee joint from medial and lateral with stability and flexibility.
  • Knuckle and finger bandage

    Knuckle and finger bandage

    We are a professional cheap price community medical supplies adhesive bandage self-adherent knuckle and finger protection cohesive bandage product manufacturers and supplier in China. We produce self-adherent finger bandage with excellent quality and reasonable price. We provide our customers with one-stop services including design, manufacturing, and transportation. Don't hesitate to write us an email to get more information about knuckle protection cohesive bandage/Community medical supplies finger Bandage.
  • Best High Quality Elbow Sleeve Manufacturers


    SUZHOU SINOMED is a professional production Best high-quality elbow sleeve sports wound support dressing manufacturer and supplier, Easy to use. Pressure can be adjusted in different positions. Relieve the impact on the muscles and the fatigue accumulation. Prevent elbow muscle injuries during the strenuous exercise
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News:Hospital white stockinette bandag

Hospital white stockinette bandag

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